Carry the Personal Converter with you as often as possible, e.g. around your neck, in your trouser pocket, on your key, etc. Optimally carry the Personal Converter as close as possible to your body or in

your own energy field (radiating 20-30 cm arround the body).


Personal Converter  (PC)




The personal converter autonomously learns the

ideal frequencies for users and makes them available to wearer. The converter targets the following: increased vitality, self-regulation, and cognitive abilities, harmonisation and much more.



For more detailed information, please contact your personal consultant.



Service life: a minimum of 30 years



Size: lengths 4.5 cm, diameter 1.4 cm




Following the motto of i-Like:

"Help for self-help" - DO it and apply it yourself!

Personal Converter can be ordered here or get more information: